Dirt Trapping Floor Mats

Did you know that your feet – and your pets’ feet – track in 85% of the dirt that comes into your house? It’s true! And yet no matter what door mats you buy at the stores, they don’t seem to do a lot of good. How many times have you seen people - especially pet owners - that put a succession of mats from the doorway down the entry hall? Sometimes the row ends with a towel!

Part of the problem is that so few mats these days are made of naturally absorbent fibers like cotton. Instead the majority consist of man-made petroleum-based fibers like Olefin and Polypropylene. News Flash, folks: oil does not absorb water or catch mud. The sheared, cotton-microfiber blend in our mats will remove dirt, mud, dust, grass clippings, dried leaves, sand, sawdust – even something as fine as plaster dust. The rubber backing protects your floors, and helps keep the mats in place.

Place the mats where your pets and family members HAVE to take two (or even better three) steps on the mat as they enter the house. NOW 85% of that dirt will be left at the door on your door mat. It sounds like magic, I know. But they really do work. When the mats get dirty (that was the whole point, right?) you can machine wash them, and fling them over your fence or a deck rail to dry. You will get years of use from these work-savers. The mats come with a three year guarantee.

Three sizes and two colors to choose from: Tan & Charcoal

  • Small 20” x 30” - - - - $39.95
(Only available in Charcoal)
  • Medium 30” x 40”- - - - $69.95

  • Large 30” x 60” - - - - $99.95